Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This one is for you, Hamid Hayat

It was last year that I became involved in analyzing the Lodi terror probe story. The person who initiated me on this was Najeeb Hasan. Najeeb is a young journalist of Pakistani descent. Najeeb had been visiting Lodi and interviewing community members. After Najeeb made contact with me and suggested that we make a documentary film on the case, I started going to Lodi with him. Names erstwhile coldly printed in newspaper stories and read sans empathy started to come alive. Ever since my first trip to Lodi I have often thought of Hamid Hayat. How does he feel in that jail cell? How is his one day different than the other? Does he get to read news about himself? What goes in his mind these days?

This blog is dedicated to Hamid Hayat. I'll tell you his story as it slowly unravels.


Blogger MUZAMIL said...

dear author, unfortunatenly naseem khan is my son and he is a big cheat. his mother nazhat shaheen is a very decent lady and I fully endorse her comments about him. he has taken every body for a ride.
maj retd muzamil khan Peshawar.

6:07 AM  

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