Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Still in Pakistan

Muhammad Ismail and his son Jabir (Jaber) Ismail's ordeal has been made public by US newspapers. It looks like they have been given permission to fly back to the US.

This morning I called Ismail. I called him on his cell phone in Pakistan. It was almost 10 am California time (10 at night in Pakistan). Ismail was a bit disoriented by my call--he started speaking Pushto, I wonder if I disturbed him in sleep. I told him who I was; he remembered that I had visited Behboudi. But he was very scared to say anything. When I asked him when was he coming back, he told me I should talk to his attorney!!! So, this is what FBI has accomplished. It has successfully intimidated a particular section of our population. Not sure if this intimidation works on die-hard terrorists, but it has definitely succeeded in scaring simple folks who are now wary of anyone talking to them, who now believe crafty agents can easily trap them. Here is federal prosecutor Larry Brown explaining how putting broad limelight on individuals stops them from carrying out terrorist acts.


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